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We all have different memories since our childhood. But there are some memories that we all have. Yes, the School Memories. Did you remember any of your school mischief memory? We know you remember all of them. Before every class and during every queue making we all have done many mischiefs. Here we are to re-generate some of those memories. So let’s go to re-live those memories once again.
School is built on Graveyard…… Oooh!
Every class has that one group which makes horrible stories about school. The height of the imagination at that time was always so high. Many of us used to make weird stories about our school, classrooms, and corridors or how we can forget about those empty rooms where students were not allowed to enter. We used to be the storyteller of that time in our school.
Hey… Hey… My Foil-roll is coming!
During the lunch breaks, we used to play with foil-paper-made-Rolls. Those roti protectors used to become a game-play for all the students in the row. What a fun we had, each corner of the classroom filled with lots of laughs and joy.
Uuufff! Give me a Clue
Remember that moment when the teacher in the class stands one of our friends to fill in the black on the blackboard. And if that friend didn’t know the answer we used to help him or her by giving the clues. At that time while giving the clues in front of the teacher, it was so thrilling.
I, Me and Myself…
In school time we all love to be in the spotlight, and this used to be the reason that why we participate in the school debates. While debating many students used to highlight some lines or facts that were meaningless and the funny part of that situation was that even the speaker didn’t know the meaning.
The worst habit of the reader-
With each book in the library when pages didn’t turn to the next, what we used to do? Any guesses? Yah, you got it right. The reader was habitual of using little spittle to turn the pages. And the Librarian’s eyes fell down with anger while seeing this.
School memories are the best. If you also remember your school time after reading this, share with us in the comments. And, if we miss any mischief, then share that too in the comment box below.
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