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1.He would avoid talking over the phone with you. Yes, he would just try to make you feel comfortable over texts and making you believe the fact that texting is an easier and comfortable mode of talking and sharing feelings, he is shuddered by the idea of a single call.

2.He would text you whenever he wants and not answer you while you need him. He would reply with some “aww” and some stupid smileys and emoji instead of actually being sorry for not being there.

3.He actually remembers you during the ‘booty call’ hours and yes all that he wants from you is pictures which have to be instant and of course with lesser clothes. If not delivered they’ll obviously get miffed and would not take the conversation further.

4.He would ask you to make out with him more instead of hanging out with him. Meeting only suggests sex in his dictionary.

5.He doesn’t open the car door for you to get in or get out of the car, he never really has that ‘ladies first’ attitude or anything that depicts chivalry.

Deep inside you do know that it’s just not the right guy and that he is mentally and physically draining you but, you can’t stop loving him. Yes! Its hard initially but its high time you stop dating this douchebag and move on for a better life and a better man who somewhere out there is waiting for you to fulfill your life with all the love and care you actually deserve.
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