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Arrogance is all around us and currently, in the society we are living in, people are getting competitive in the unhealthiest way. The most extreme form of arrogance turns into Narcissism where it is honestly quite impossible to get into an argument with them simply because it gets pointless. An arrogant person has an excessive need of self-importance and they want to be the center of attention ALWAYS!
If you have to deal with arrogant person on a day-to-day basis, here are the ways how can you deal with Arrogant people:
1. Arrogance comes from insecurity
They find it hard to take criticism in a positive way thus, it becomes hard for them to admit when they are wrong. Even if their knowledge is outdated, they will stick to that instead of trying to learn more.
2. Self-Confidence
Since, they do not admit their wrong-doings or mistakes, they try to make others feel bad and break them. The most important factor to counter an arrogant person is to be self-assured, mentally strong and confident.
3. Patience
This is easy said than done but patience is effective for your sake. Arrogant people try to suck your energy, thus, in most cases, engaging in a conversation with them is useless. If they are being rude with you without any reason all the time, stop responding and think of the bigger picture. It will help you let go off the unnecessary stress.
4. Take this opportunity to grow
Once you get patient and cut off the unnecessary tension, you will be a better listener, tolerant and deal with other with much more kindness than before. See life in a positive light because every negative situation helps you learn something or the other.
5. Give them a chance
Many of the times, you can judge a person with the outlook for being rude or arrogant, maybe they are not. Give them a chance and observe them whether they are really arrogant. Many are not comfortable with talking to new people, many are shy, introvert and there are many aspects of their true nature might come across as being rude.
6. Be Honest but polite
Don’t give into their insecurity tricks, be honest of what you think. Understand that you have the right to disagree and still getting respect because it is simply your viewpoint. If you disagree to their viewpoint, be honest but try to make them understand politely.
Stay happy and don’t let anyone else take away your shine!
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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