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And finally, Rajnikant’s mega-budget ‘2.O’ is hitting the theatres today and is expected to shatter a lot of records.

The movie is garnering a positive response from the audience and the VFX is catching a lot of attention.

Before ‘2.O’, there have been a lot of sci-fi films that were really good and made a mark in the Indian film industry, (not talking about all the Ra.One and Love Story 2050), so without much ado, let us scroll down:-

1). 24

This Tamil film starring Suriya was applauded for it successfully mixed the ‘Masala Entertainment’ potion with the ‘sci-fi’ bits. The story revolved around a scientist who invents the time machine and some situations pit his evil brother and his son against each other. If you are craving for some intelligent, joyous mix of sci-fi and masala-myth, this film should be your pick.

2). Dasavatharam

This blockbuster starring Kamal Hassan was massively praised for its fresh concept and exemplary action sequences. The film traces the story of a man who is on a mission to stop the misuse of a bio-nuclear weapon, the pace and thrill factor of the film keeps you hooked throughout.

3). Robot

The Rajnikant starrer was released in 2010 and gained positive response from the audience. The surrealistic and unimaginable vision of Shankar (director of the film) and some great VFX work made this film an all-time blockbuster.

4). Anukul

‘Kahani’ fame Sujoy Ghosh directed this short film, the story of which is based in a dystopian world. The story revolves around Nikunj Chaturvedi, who buys an android as his house help. What happens next is sure to blow your mind. The original story of this film was written by none other than legendary Satyajit Ray.

5). Mr. India

And the last but certainly not the least, The Invisible Man – Mr. India. Shekhar Kapoor made a film that certainly changed the graph of Indian films, this 1987 blockbuster is still remembered for its enthralling storyline and memorable characters.

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- Shivam
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