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There are tattoos and then there are collar bone tattoos. If you are wondering what is that supposed to mean! It simply means that collar bone tattoos are excruciatingly painful since they are made in a hard area where there is almost no muscle and only bone. It takes bravery and determination to get through the process of making collar bone tattoos.
Good things you ask? Yes of course there are good things. They do hurt but their placing is such that is generally doesn’t get cover-up by clothing. Still interested? Then get some ideas to get the best and meaningful collar bone tattoos:
Collar bone tattoos are meant to make a statement as it can be seen by everyone. It is most symbolic or a short statement.
This is ellipses tattoo which is done by both men and women. This symbolises the passing or continuation of time no matter what.
In a difficult spot like clavicle, people generally go with the minimalistic approach.
Keeping things colourful and blooming can keep you joyous too.
It’s very simple to look at but the meaning is larger than life.
These simple tattoos make great collar bone tattoos which so much hidden meaning you can find.
This one with two hands is a universal symbolism to two people who love each-other unconditionally, the mother and the child.
Profound figures in this tattoo which can speak a lot!
Taylor Swift has not make it her copyright, you can and we all should be fearless too.
Another universal symbol but give you so much hope, joy, brightness into your live.
Girls love flowers but each flower has different meaning!
Said it, flowers are our thing!
Be the star of your life.
Heart tattoos already means a lot but make it more personal with a fingerprint heart tattoo.
So, are you ready to get a collar tattoo in the near future?
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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