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Sun is the ‘essential star’ in our solar system. In many cultures, Sun symbolizes as God. But here the question arises that the Kingly Sun still has 5 billion years then why human have only around one million years left. This is the question to think about. So, if you don’t get the answer for this, don’t worry here you will get complete idea about- why is this so?
In the coming one billion years the Sun will become the red-hot giant, so huge that it will engulf our planet. But before this happens our Earth will become deserted. And this will happen because of the enlarged size of the Sun that it will boil all the water in the oceans of the Earth.

Burning of Hydrogen into Helium will stop

Even the stars will lose their life. After a long 8 years of happy converting of Hydrogen into Helium will be over. As this change happens the life of Sun will become interesting. As the things change the Sun will run out of the hydrogen from its core and all that’s left will be- Helium.
If you don’t know that the core of the Sun is not hot enough to burn the helium.

White-hot to red-hot Sun

By the process of compression in the center of the Sun, it allows the outer regions to expand outward. And when the hydrogen burns in the shell around the core of the sun, this increases the brightness of this giant star. As the size of the sun has increased, the surface becomes cool and goes from white-hot to red-hot sun. We dub this as a red giant because it is brighter, redder and larger than before.

Earth’s blazing End-

It is widely understood that the earth as orbital planet won’t be able to tolerate sun’s expansion. The life on our planet Earth will become impossible that humans won’t be able to survive under the huge Red-hot sun.
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