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The effects of the death of the eminent comic book writer has not yet subsided and deep inside we know that it’ll still take time for us to reconcile to the fact that the creator of the ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe’ is no more.
The cause of the 95 year old has been confirmed recently by TMZ, An American tabloid and the reason behind has finally let us be in a little peace as we the MCU fans were curious much to know the possible cause behind the death of the superhero himself. We did hear news floating around from quite a few months that he had been suffering from health issues which later on was known to be a vision problem and also a period of pneumonia. Not until yesterday that we actually got to the know the reason behind the sudden demise of the greatest influencer of pop culture.

It was “heart and respiratory failure” because of which he breathed his last. The tabloid added that his death certificate had this fact too that he suffered from “aspiration pneumonia”. According to healthline experts, almost 79% of the population gets saved from this problem and the rest gets consumed by it is often due to a condition that pre-existed and which led them to opt for DNR (do not resuscitate) or DNI (do not intubate) document.

Lee died on 12th November at 9.17 AM at Cedars-Sinal Medical Center in Los Angeles. The certificate says that he was cremated and his ashes have been handed over to his daughter.

Fans and followers still can’t stop pouring their love and respect for the legend who left behind a legacy that was nearly inconceivable for someone of his age back at his time. We bow down to his master mind creation and deep down we believe there’s no other Stan Lee coming forward with such MARVELous formations ever!
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