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Ever since metro trains have graced Delhi’s vicinity, Delhites have sighed a sense of relief as metro has definitely proved to be a boon for us.

Where one used to take around 3 hours to travel to Ghaziabad from (say) Dwarka, the distance is now covered in an hour or so and that is certainly a win-win situation for everyone.

Not, just this, apart from diminishing distances, metro has also provided the passengers with comfort and ease (well, at least in off-hours, *sigh*).

But, every coin has two sides, while metro has definitely advanced our lifestyle, it does come with some complications; these memes sum up the everyday struggle one faces while commuting via metro:-

1). Literally, the most annoying thing ever, a little crumbling and your note won’t be of any value for the machine.

2). Look, I am not single by choice, it’s just fate so don’t fucking blame it on me.

3). No one is a friend at Rajiv Chowk, it’s a damn war arena and you gotta be the Spartan!

4). Yaar shi me bahut lamba walk hai, it burns around 200 calories *sad reacts only*

5). I am not crying…are you? Oh, yes you are!

6). Saare bandhan todke ‘Tanhaai’ ka aalam naachta hai chaati par!

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Design: Vikas Kakkar
- Shivam
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