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The best mobile game of 2018 has quite a few prominent reasons behind its success. Not only has it got the gamers glued to its feature but also this multiplayer battle royale game has attracted the non-gamers who typically had no idea about a first person shooting game before!
Personally what I felt with the offset of the game is the same as any non-gamer. I was miffed when I saw my gamer friends finding nothing in the world to engage other than PUBG. I didn’t perceive initially what was this excitement all about since I had other hobbies to indulge in. Many such online games have come and have been swept aside in no time. They raised an upsurge too but, only for a time being.

It was not until one day when I had almost nothing to do and I called my best friend when she asked me to install the game. I rebuked her for giving such a nonsensical advice and told her to stop playing it for God’s sake. She calmly handled my anger and made me understand that unlike all other games this has got something about it that can keep you glued and forget about the tiring day, she further added “being addicted is a choice, look at me! I’m not addicted, it’s just the best thing to pass your time with”. I realized that I don’t have to be addicted and I can play the game along with my boyfriend too, so what can actually be a better fun element!

As I started playing it, I got amazed by the feature and graphics firstly, then comes the appearance part which makes you choose your appearance on your own and third part being the best where I learned the fun of shooting. I learned about guns and also how to make yourself attacking or defensive, either ways its equally fun.

The quest for ‘chicken dinner’ seems so real and lively like you’re actually a militant. You know you can’t kill people in real lives but this game has given me the authority to kill people which is an absolute fun and thrill. Though I’m not that big of a chicken fan but this game has made ‘chicken’ the goal of my life. Lol! Thanks to my best friend though, because of whom I don’t feel bored anymore. My life was never really this fun with games. I got something absolutely thrilling to chill with. Kudos to PUBG!
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