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When it comes to sleep no one can surely replace this beautiful thing and if it's morning sleep, then it is surely the best thing which everyone wants in the morning and everyone who has to wake early can surely understand the pain which has to be born and surely it is one of the most difficult things for early risers.
So here we have come with the funny ways people deal with their morning sleep.
1. No one can beat these people in setting alarms
For these people waking up in the morning is like a big mission and for that mission they need a big army, but still it remains uncertain if that mission would be completed or not. For completing that mission big and small weapons like alarm clocks, phone calls fail poorly in spite of setting huge targets every hour. Also, these people remain unbeatable in the number of alarms they set, but the funny part is still they are not able to wake up.
2. 5-5 minute krke 1 ghanta sone wale log
It is quite likely that a lot of times you have been assigned very serious responsibility of waking someone in your life as you are someone who have the habit of waking up in the morning and initially it would have seemed an easy task, but when you do it you feel like doing it for the first and last time in your life because every single time you try to wake them you will hear the same sentence;’Haan bas 5 min…uth gaya”.
3. Last minute uthne wale log
These are extra talented people who have this habit of waking up at the last moment and always be on time. These people manage time so well that we need to take an inspiration from them.
4. Time se uthne wale log
Be waking up at 5 in the morning there are few people who are no less than a robot and they would wake up at any time they wish to. These are extra punctual people for whom waking in the morning is a cup of tea.
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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