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Some people might not agree with you or might even attack your thoughts and feelings instantly when you share few stuff about yourself. You don’t have to fit in the box always, if you don’t like something. It’s okay! Winter is one among those aspects that I dislike. And the reasons are obvious...
1. I don’t feel like getting out of the bed in the morning rather I find it as the most painful task of my life. Getting off the blanket and coming in contact with the cold waves outside is not my thing totally.

2. I can’t enjoy my cold drinks and ice creams, you know why! Firstly if you parents get to know you will land yourself in trouble and secondly I know I’m seriously going to catch that bloody cold.

3. My immunity level goes down like hell! At times during January I can’t even feel myself due to low blood circulation in my body. I feel dead and all I have to do is wrap myself up totally with thick woolens.

4. I can’t wear skirts and dresses and even if wore you got to put on those annoying stockings which lessens the glamour quotient.

5. How can I forget about the head wash! The worst part in winter goes around the fact that you can’t really wash your hair every day. Twice a week is the answer! Dried hair just after the second day of shampooing is all you get!

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