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No, I am not talking about the Human-animals but the Animal-animals. If you are passionate, hard-working and employee of corporate offices, you will see various kinds of animals around your office. Every animal has their own way to show their unique characteristic, some startle you, some adore you and some directly shit on you.
Here are the animals you see around your office:
1. Monkeys
If you are like, What!! Please come down to Noida or Gurgaon and you will know what I am talking about!
The most torturous animal to have around your office, or technically anywhere. They are much smarter, defensive and violent. These creatures can make you really phobic to an extent that you will be in a Detective-mode throughout during the office.
Thankfully offices are generally locked but in case you plan to go out for a tea-break, sutta-break or for lunch, keep your Detective-mode ON! *sob* *sob*
2. Squirrels
Well, they are pretty much harmless but sometimes they can appear from anywhere and what will happen next! They will panic seeing you, you will panic seeing them and you will get a mini-heart attack. Also, if you give them any food, they will eat everything but share nothing.
(I wanted to be your buddy, but you ditched me bad!)
3. Dogs
Well, not all animals are that bad around your office, some are comforting. The street dogs in Noida are the best, they are affectionate, loving and all that but they have a strange habit. When they see you, they will run towards you and you will be thinking that he is coming to hug you but NO! They have strange love for shoe-laces, they come and open your shoe laces everytime they come to you and then they are ready for the cuddles and all.
4. Pigeons
I have a feeling that you already know what they do! YES! They target your dress or your head and then straight drop their shit right before you enter your office. That’s what they do!
5. Cows
Sometimes I wonder if their life purpose is to create traffic jams! Keep honking all you want but they aren’t going to move at all.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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