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Bollywood movies and characters cannot be completed without adding a spice. And the characters we are introducing today were a complete package of spices in their films.

Yes, we are talking about the recent Judge-Me-Not characters of Bollywood. These girls have taught so much to the whole world by playing such fight back characters in their films. It is not only about any particular society, but criticism towards girls happens in many societies.
Television and social media today are great platforms to bring a change in society. So, how Bollywood can stay behind in this. These movies brought many changes to society.

Let’s move to these characters now


Sonakshi Sinha played the role of Akira in the Akira film and have given many girls the confidence to fight back against the criminals (rapist, acid attackers, stockers, cruel politician). She played the character with so much integrity that before this she learned defense and martial arts in reality. As this was also the requirement of the movie, and through this only she can manage to do her actions.

Minal Arora

Taapsee Pannu who is famous for doing female-centric movies and different characters played a character of Minal Arora in the Pink movie. The movie is all about the women harassment by three boys, and along with Taapsee the other two girls who played the character of her friends also subjects with the same. And after they file the case the society harass them in the court. But being the strong and independent girl, she fights back because she didn’t see anything wrong in being Bold, Drinking Alcohol and saying NO to boys.

Kirti Kulhari

Again the character is from the Pink movie, but we cannot afford to miss her from the list. The actress played the role of Falak Ali. In the movie after the harassment when their case was running in the court, a personal thing about this character highlighted in the court. She was in the relationship with a divorced man and he was almost double of her age. But, choosing a partner according to his or her likes is the person’s choice, whether it is double of his/her age, younger or even belongs to the same gender.
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