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Many men come and go who we see to have outstanding traits to lure away any women in the world. At times the world seems to be biased when it comes to the beauty of men since all that comes in our mind when it comes to grace and posterity is the women, the miss universes and the miss worlds. Let’s not forget the men of the world every time seeing whom our heart skips a beat! Here comes the list of men who managed to make a mark with their looks and personality in the year 2018:
10. Prince William

Arthur William Philip Louis, the son of one of the most beautiful women in the world princess Diana is said to be one of the most handsome men in the world. Married to Kate Middleton, a girl of no royal background, he proved that he actually is the prince to a common girl. He happens to be one of the most charming men in the world.
9.Brad Pitt

Yes, it’s very much predictable to have Brad Pitt in this list. One of the sexiest men of all time! With his killer looks and physique, he can make any women go down on her knees.
8.Noah Mills
Actor and model from Canada, he is said to be one of the most chivalrous and fashioned men of the Hollywood industry. And just for the knowledge of the ladies out there, he is still very much single!
7.Salman Khan

The women in India and across the world happens to have a crush on this man at least ones in their lifetime. His sharp looks, expressive eyes and a killer smile have made many women insane for him. This actor has never been married much to the merriment of his female fan followers.
6.Godfrey Gao

Godfrey Gao happens to be the most handsome man of Taiwan, A country about which we know not much. He has been a part of many television drams and movies and apart from that he also happens to be one of the models of Louis Vuitton.
5.Omar Borkan Al Gala

This handsome lad who was born in 1989 has a very interesting story about himself. It might seem really silly and almost unbelievable that this man was asked to leave the Saudi Arabia Kingdom owing to his exceptionally good looks which attracted the media attention way too much, the reason he was sent away. He happens to be one of the most searched personality on Google for the year 2013.
4.Hrithik Roshan

Finally, here comes the Greek God! With irresistibly attractive green eyes and sculpted physique, he rests in the fourth position of this list. The actor possesses an unconventional good look and an amazing height. He is also believed to be of one the richest actor in Bollywood.
3.Chris Evans

Now comes the ever charming Captain America aka Chris Evans. The actor has already bragged a huge popularity all over the world with his iconic role as Captain America. Chris has got looks to die for and a physique unparalleled. His movies are something very less of them misses.
2.Justin Trudeau

Well, this has happened for the first time that a politician has made to this list setting aside the models and actors. Justin Trudeau is the prime minister of Canada since 2015 and also the youngest.
1.Tom Cruise

Man of dreams! This 56 years old American actor and producer ones again bragged the number 1 position for his unrivalled looks and a mesmerizing smile. They say looks fade away with age but not necessarily in case of Tom Cruise. The ‘Mission Impossible’ character has so far not led any young man take his place when it came to handsomeness.
Now you know that these men around the world have already secured a position no matter what age they hold or what they do. Some being the real inspirations for every one of us.
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