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Ladies have many talents, you can count all you want but their talent will go on an infinity-run. When you think of girls, what do you think of? A pretty face right, what if there is another side to that pretty face. Yeah, it is their ugly face.
No, I was not talking about the pre and post make-up kind of ugliness but these women have gone to another level. The otherwise pretty girls have simply clicked pictures with making ugly faces and now we don’t know whether they are the same person. Look for yourself:
1. Why does picture remind me of Birdman? Can anyone else see what I am seeing?
2. Everytime she sneezes, I have a feeling everyone around her goes like “Who is this girl?”
3. This pretty Cinderalla has some guts to put up the ugly-face in the internet. Woah!
4. This looks more like the pre and post make-up changes but with African like stripes of cream. LOL!
5. With every picture, the shock level is increasing. I understand about the face and camera angle but how did her stomach too changed.
6. She made sure that we all know it is the same person, Thank God for the tattoo and hair-color.
7. This can very well be the meme of “Facebook profile picture” Vs “Actual person”.
8. The chameleons. They can literally fool any person. It is an advantage when caught in crime, just change your clothes.
9. This pretty dimpled girl is also playing with us.
10. NO! This cannot be the same person, I object!
Are you going to try this too?
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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