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When new people meet and got engaged if it is their arranged marriage a lot of silly things happen during their courtship period. In love marriages couple know each other for a long time. But this is not the same in the case of Arrange Marriage couples. They don’t know each other and after their official engagement by the family, if they have some days before in their marriage, they get the chance to know each other.

There are many silly gestures which almost every time happen with these new couples during their courtship period, as they don’t know each other. And the funny part about these shitty things is that these memories save in their memory bank for a lifetime. These funny things become a source for their laughter.
Let’s see what those silly things couples do

Birth of an awkward situation on a coffee date

When you are meeting your would-be for the first time alone (without family), you must be nervous. And your nervousness makes things go wrong. Sometimes you talk so much without noticing what you are saying. And sometimes you even drop a cup of coffee on your partner by mistake. It is horrible!

Unveiling yourself

You will get married after a few days, but many couples don’t keep secrets about their personality. They totally open themselves and don’t save much in their baskets to reveal after marriage. If you unveil some things about your personality afterward your partner can get impressed by knowing this side of yours.

Start acting like Sherlock Holmes

You know possessiveness! Yah, we know that you two are engaged but this doesn’t mean to peek out every time into your partner’s life. During the courtship period, many couples start acting like Sherlock Holmes.

Unknowingly irritating your partner

Everyone needs space and it is the right of each individual who is in any relationship though. Many girls irritate their boys by taking selfies or by doing chatting on every little thing.
Author- Simran Bhatnagar
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