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Being in a relationship is a blissful experience; one discovers new perspectives to look at life, when they find a companion.

Doing little things is what makes a relationship strong and happening. Arranging a romantic evening or going on a peaceful walk or simply writing a love letter; everything COUNTS!

In a recent case, an illustrator did something that is actually very ‘AWWWdorable’ and has clearly set some relationship goals out there. She surprised her boyfriend by creating an illustrative series depicting the duo in form of their favourite cartoon characters.

The illustrator says: “I wanted to surprise my boyfriend and make a little gift for him. So I painted us as my favorite cartoon characters. I completed them in a few hours. The interesting part is that I painted all these on my phone. My eyes and arms were dead at the end. He was so happy when I showed him! So I think it was definitely worth it.”

Let us have a look at her quirky take on her relationship:-

1). Let Us Have Some Adventure!

2). Futurama Never Looked So Good

3). Powerful Couple As Power Puff Girls

4). Because Being Simpson Is A Must

5). Mind Blowing Rick And Morty

So, you all, take some lessons from this girl and plan something extraordinarily cute for your partner and if your partner gets happy seeing your surprise, you know who is going to get lucky tonight *winks*.

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- Shivam
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