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Life is a beautiful place because you will never be bored of your life. There will be times when you will feel angry, tired, sad, frustrated but not bored. Happiness is not the only thing you need in life because you only value happiness when you have seen the other spectrum of emotions.
When you are at your 20’s you are extremely excited what’s coming in your future and you are fully charged to change everything you dislike. Experience being the greatest teacher, you learn and become wiser that everything is not so black and white! At your 25, you become wiser, you have many things in your mind but you deal with them differently.
Here is how you deal with life in a different way as 20 Years Old Vs 25 Years Old Self:
1. Your relationship with your parents
2. How you look at your body or your outlook!
3. How we look at our professional career!
4. How our friendship grows or changes gradually…
5. Our understanding of Love
6. Financial conditions
7. What do we think we want!
Our teenage life is always going to be “Cool years” of our live and adult life brings maturity. Though you might think that teenage years were the best of your life but, whenever you will look back into your lives, you will always feel that years that have passed were better. The simple fact is, every phase of your life is beautiful and every phase will give you something special.
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Graphic Designer: Vikas Kakkar
Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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