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Sometimes I feel lost like a wonderer sometimes I find myself drowning in an ocean of happiness, sometimes I feel like bursting out with anger and sometimes with tears. It’s okay to show, express your anger, happiness and every emotion as sadness is a part of our life just as happiness is. The way people express their heart out is also different. So here are different ways by which people vent out their anger….
1.Silent Killers
A lot of people do not express their anger. Wow would be your reaction and would be thinking how lucky the people around them would be, but believe me this anger is more dangerous than anything because silence literally kills. Not just that, most of the times you remain unaware of the fact that the other person is angry with you…Seems funny…It may be…. But when you don’t know the other person is angry with you…. What would happen? No need to tell you anything…. I am sure you would know the results after this.
2. Physical Bashing
Then comes the people who have no limits in expressing their anger. They would literally hit, throw anything when it comes to their anger. You really need to have a safety guard to protect yourself because they are unbeatable in showing their anger. From slamming doors to hitting themselves, they can do literally anything because they have no control over their anger.
3. Working Mode On
I have literally seen people who will do lots of work when they are angry. They would engage in dusting, cleaning, studying or cooking. If you have seen such people around you then you would surely agree to it how much hilarity is to see them doing their work in the aggressive mode.
4. Slangs
It is normal to hear the slangs in our daily conversations, but you will also agree to this fact that there are few people whose use of slangs and abusive words would just increase multiple folds when they are angry because this is the way they burst out their anger and if you are one of them then you would agree that how much happier and contented do we feel when we take out all our anger.
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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