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Decision making is an art. A good decision making power not only requires patience and knowledge skills, but also correct implementation of those skills at the correct time. However, at times one fails in applying those skills in a manner desired and the result is that bad decision which can sometimes impact your life in a very negative way. So here are some tips which will help you to take right decision.
1. Good v/s Bad
Every decision has some good and bad. By implementing that decision some good would come into your life and if you don’t implement those you will be deprived of that good. So when you are taking any decision just think about good and bad. If the good is enough to make you happier and are more overpowering, then without even thinking once just take that decision.
2. Your happiness is the key
Every decision has short term as well as the long term impact. Most of the time we take decisions which have short term advantages, but if you really want long term benefits of that decision just think about what makes you satisfy. It is quite likely that this decision may have a negative impact in the short run, but it is important to listen to your heart and if you take any decision of your life keeping in mind the happiness of yours that decision can never ever be wrong for you.
3. Deciding about your priority
It is important to understand about the priorities in your life. You cannot get everything in life so it is essential that you decide what is more important to you. So whenever you take any decision just think what is the thing that you desperately want in your life. If you take a decision this way you will not ever get confused while taking the small and big decisions of your life.
So now don’t get tensed while you have to take any decision
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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