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Big Fat Indian Weddings are amazingly beautiful but they leave alone a lot of wastes as well. Indians are known for being big-hearted, thus, to give an ultimate example of that, a couple had a wedding ceremony with zero-wastage.Meet Sudarshana and Veena, they are sustainability enthusiasts and best friends as well who have made this possible.
Now the couple have demonstrated their ceremony and given suggestions of how you can do it too:
1. Go Green
From wedding invitations to decorations, try to use things which will less effect the environment. Create E-Invite, use lots of flowers because that will not affect the nature negatively, don’t use single-use disposables. Use plates and glasses which are eco-friendly.
2. Borrow
Wedding is a very personal ceremony, so why do we need everything to be new? Borrow your mother’s lehenga or saree (you can do a little bit of styling by yourself), your ancestral jewellery which are always extravagant. Veena used her grandmother’s saree and existing ancestral jewellery. Doesn’t she look pretty!
3. No plastic wedding
Though plastic chairs are reusable, still, discouraging plastic is the only way forward. Instead floor beddings, wooden chair or carpets or steel furniture is great as well.
4. Minimal Decor
Minimalism can look regal but you have to be a little smart with the decorations. Take ideas of decor from the internet like lights, paintings, blackboards, and fabrics. DIY decor can also be fun and personal.
5. Un-trash your Trash
End of the ceremony should not be the end, whatever wastage you have, you can trash it properly without loitering. Whatever food leftovers you have because there is always extra food left in weddings, you can distribute to the nearby workers, kids and a child welfare centre.
Big Fat Indian Wedding can be done without harming the nature, atleast we all can try and make the ceremony more positive for everyone.
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