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Food is the weakness of almost everyone. If you are on a diet because of overweight or fatty skin, then you won’t be able to stop yourself after seeing this. Guilty food pleasure is the situation where you accept your guilt while having that food but you can’t stop yourself.

Let’s don’t waste much time and find out most tempting guilty pleasures

1. Layered Pancakes

We know pancakes are favorite of all. Apart from kids, we adults also like them so much. By seeing a simple pancake may be you will control yourself. But if we say that we have huge layered pancakes. Oooo… It is a guilty pleasure, how will you stop yourself from having this.

2. Overfilled Chocolate Jar

A Big NO to those delicious cream and chocolate filled chocolate jar out there in the cafes for people on diet. Still, how will you be able to stop yourself from having it? See these overfilled chocolate jars are waiting for you. Don’t be cruel to them, it’s a Guilty pleasure man!! You will feel guilt while having because it will reverse each drop of sweat that you have dropped in your gym during the hard work out.

3. Feast Burger

If you are a fan of having burgers and you love cheese, then how will you manage to not to get your tongue out of it. See such a mouth-watering burger it is, overly filled with extra cheese and patty. You will find more than one layer of the patty in it and don’t forget about the cheddar cheese, they all are calling you.

4. Layered Lazania

You must have tried lazania before, but we have got the extra loaded version of this lip-smacking Italian dish. We have layered lazania for you, it’s a guilty pleasure you cannot control yourself.

5. Centre filled Donuts

Donuts have recorded in stealing everyone’s hearts. But have tried to center cream-filled donuts? These will make your mind fly in the air and you will get the wings. If you have taken an oath to not to ditch your gym diet, then this will make your diet chart fail. Not a big deal, you can cheat your diet for one day. Come on!
-Simran Bhatnagar
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