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Road accidents in India are common and the reason behind that is not so secretive, it is simply because the population of this country doesn’t take traffic rules very seriously. For a fact, India ranks the highest in deaths due to road accidents in the world. Despite several attempts to spread awareness and ongoing campaigns, people refuse to understand and risk their lives. Drunk driving, rash driving and disregarding traffic rules are killing more people than just accidents.
Here are some road signs which are created to make people understand that they need to stop:
1. Trying to tease yet getting the message across.
2. Some wise thoughts but valuable in between your journey.
3. After reaching to the mountains, you should feel the pleasure of the terrains and not in hospitals.
4. This is going to be of no help! For people who don’t belong from the state will keep on doing the rounds here.
5. If you gotta sleep, do that in your bed. Choose your preference, don’t multi-task on road.
6. This is bang-on. Indians will never understand rules and regulations till the time, they don’t get some taunts attached to it.
7. Keep your wide eyes open, booze after you reach the destination.
8. Road is not the place to donate blood, do what you are meat to do.
9. If you have little care for your life, LISTEN.
10. Attention to the signs, it is trying to tell you something very important again and again.
Traffic rules are meant to keep you alive, following them will help you not breaking the rules.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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