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It’s quite subjective to quote team India as the best side of the lot on papers but the acclamation is quite unanimous. Yes, the current Indian squad looks most promising when compared to others since inception. Let’s explore some of the cruces which led them to the present situation:
Fatigue to fit: As the saying goes “Survival of the fittest”, has become one of the biggest norms to follow. Implementing the Yo-Yo test in the course with some serious decisions of selection, the admin has done something which was never levied.

Balanced Scales: Undoubtedly, we were gifted with greats who had brought us glory at several junctures but most of the time it was more of a one-man show. Batting has always been the ace of the cards but the other departments lacked consistency. The present scenario has certainly worked on many areas but one aspect which comes out is the way they complement each other’s game. Apart from various batting advancements, the other half beautifies with lethal deliveries & some phenomenal fielding.

Supremacy in Asia: Unlike the rest, Asian parks display spin-friendly turfs. The other parts of the globe are more or less the same. Decorated with a most successful team of the tournament (Asia Cup) with an award of 7 titles gives a bold statement of being supreme in this part of the world.

BCCI – A Big name:A board plays a pivotal role in directing the pack towards a single vision. Organizing mammoth tournament such as IPL, BCCI has taken a charge on monetary terms which gives them an edge over others. Not only that they have also successfully created a hub where players want to invest their time and talent with a vision of not only upgrading oneself but also focused on raising the bars of global cricket as EPL and other leagues did with Soccer.

Certainly, there are many other factors for the current scenario but these were some to ponder over. The Indian cricket had a glorifying past and the future looks bright too. The positions have been a freeze, backups are in place, and the preparations are almost set for the biggest clash. With such synergy, it seems the Men in Blue look to dominate in the Gentlemen’s game for a long time now!
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