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Ritesh was in the metro heading for his p.g. in the evening. A Man was traveling along with his daughter and his father in the same coach. His family had no place to sit as the metro was crowded. He had a trolley bag with him, he made his daughter sit on it. The trolley was placed right next to the doors.
In the next stop an Old Man got in. It seemed he had a really bad day at the office and he was slightly drunk, but he was in his senses and did not invade anyone’s space. The old man stood near the trolley as he had no space to stand. The train moved with a jerk and the old man's leg hit the trolley. To his utter surprise the girl’s father started shouting at the old man yelling,” Saale piyakkad buddha, daaru peekar choti bacchi ko ched raha se tu”. (You drunk old-man, you are trying to molest a little girl). Everyone was watching this scene and it was clearly visible that the old man did not have any intention of molesting the little girl. The old man tried to justify the little incident but the retarded man did not listen to him and started shouting like a vegetable vendor in the coach abusing the old man.

The old-man stepped aside from the trolley and moved 7–8 feet away from the girl. He was moved by the false accusation and behavior of that man. He was justifying this incident to another passenger who was standing next to him. Again the retard got furious on seeing the old-man justifying to the other passenger. He had now crossed his limits of insanity. He started shouting that,” Saale paagal, Tu usey batayega kya hua yaha. Ruk main thanne batata hu abhi”. (You sick man! are you going to tell him what happened here? let me explain what happened”.) He was about to pounce on this old man.

All of a sudden, something struck him hard from inside and he gave a big loud shout,”Kabse paagalo ke tarah chillaye jaa rahe ho yaha, inki galti bhi nahi hai phir bhi pagalon ki tarah chillaye jaa rahe ho”( I’ve been watching you since then you are shouting like a retard at this old-man even when he has not committed anything wrong).
The funniest part-The man’s furiousness got directed towards him, he started shouting at Ritesh,” Ab tu iski tarafdaari karega” (Are you going to take his side now). He did not move an inch from there and all of a sudden to his utter surprise, from the crowd the young man’s father came towards him for beating him up. He grabbed his waist tightly and pushed him away and the whole crowd out there gathered near him and stood like a wall. In minutes the CISF entered the coach and took the retarded man and his family out of the train making it clear who stood right and who was the culprit.

. There might be many such events in your life where you get to face the wrong and also witness others facing the wrong be it a stranger. It depends on your values and integrity whether you’ll stand up for what is right!
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