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1.Cats are the most lovey-dovey kind of pets alive. They love to be surrounded by the one who adores them. You need to show them all the care and compassion so that they get to connect with you. Cats don’t feel like getting close to people who ignore them.

2.You have to be really alert about their gestures, like what they are looking and what are they asking for. They are quite specific about time like they know exactly when you go for dinner or go back to sleep. Make sure you never forget to feed her before you get to sit for dinner. They want their food in time or chances are they get really furious.

3. Cats look for comfort more than anything else wherein they can rest. They do not usually find floors adorable to lie down, all they look for is a nice mushy surface where they can repose with ease.
4.Owning a cat also suggests owning the uncountable amount of cat furs all around your home as well as on your body. You might find it stuck all over your clothes and spread over your bed so get yourself prepared for the scenario if at all you’re interested in cats.

5. Cats are the purr-fect friend you can get in life. They don’t ask you questions or judge you, they simply jump on your lap to give you the best feeling of innocence. They also love to sleep next to you as they feel the safest.

6. Cats really love their loneliness. They hate to get disturbed. So allow them their private space and time. Also, don’t forget to play with them when they ask you to. Woolen balls and ribbons are their favorite gifts.

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