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Today in this competitive world everyone is running behind money. They are doing overtime, skipping hours from their eight-hour sleep and so on. But after all these, they don’t have peace in their life. Do you have peace in your life?

Adulthood is all about responsibilities, almost everyone doing something for the sake of money. But only a few of them are happy with their job and enjoy what there are writing. Have you asked this question to yourself that are you happy with your job? Do you have peace in your life? Peace is important, and everyone has that things which give them peace.

We have spoken to some office employs to know from which things they get peace. Let’s see what their answers were:

Lights… they are my peace

“Lights all around is the things which make me happy from inside and this is what I can say is my peace.” Many of us see lights as normal, but for this person lights are peace. Golden lights all around make her happy, burn all the problems from her head. If you haven’t seen the lights in such creative way, then after reading this you will start noticing peace hidden in lights.

Music… make my burning mind cool

While handling all your daily chores, at some point in time you must feel irritated. But here is a solution to relax your mind, even when you are going to your office or coming from the office. The simplest way to relax your mind is listening to your favorite songs. We are not saying this, a corporate office employee told us.

Theatre is all my love

Who has ever thought that expressing can also help in throwing your problems out from your mind? If you don’t know that acting and doing theatre can be a peaceful thing for a person. Yes, a writer even expressed his feeling with us, saying that his peace is theatre.

Meditation makes my mind strong

Many of us think meditation is boring, but it is the easiest and helpful process for relaxing mind. Through meditation, a person can listen to her inner voice. And this is the thinking of one of the employees who meditates daily to freshen up her mind.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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