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Mom is the most precious gift from God for their children. The way moms take care of their children nobody can. But mom do you know when you left your babies at home with dad what they do?

Dads will be dads, they love their kids so much but they also do so much fun with the kids. It is the nature of moms’ that from starting they try to make their kids responsible and well-mannered. But if you know your husbands that they are mischievous in nature than you must read ahead.
Know how dads’ are taking care of children behind you

Swirl… girl

Dad can make your baby girl’s ponytail but do you want to know how? Their style is something different, just opposite to your style. They won’t comb hair properly, they won’t use any clip but still, they will make it perfect. Either they will use a vacuum cleaner to grasp all the hair at one go or they will make your girl swirl.

Need mask while washing

We know moms and dad both love their kids, but only mom like to wash their babies potty. If you ask your husband to do this they won’t do it. But when you are not at home they have to do it, and do you know how they complete their task… any guesses? They use a mask. Yes, we are right.

No manners

With so much of hard work, you are teaching your child to eat with manner. You are teaching them table manners, but do you know dad teaching them to eat without any manner. After lunch when you will reach home you will find spots on her t-shirt and face. Most of the food will be on the floor and with half your kid have played with dad.

Dad is the best and they complete kids’ all the mischievous desires. But mom you need to keep eye on them.
-Simran Bhatnagar
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