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Human beings have this tendency of getting annoyed at the slightest of things. A little problematic situation and we lose our shit like anything. I mean, come on, haven’t we all been annoyed at a TV remote not working properly or when we are unable to find our favourite piece of cloth?

Now, what if these problematic situations of our life are embedded in a comic, intriguing, right?

Well, there is this illustrator who has done exactly the same thing, her name is Natalya and she says: “I’ve been making drawings and comics since 2010, but comics are the entirety of my work, I am also a painter, illustrator, and animator. For me, comics tend to be fun side projects I occasionally make. They are, however, the stuff people like best, because they’re the most relatable! I tend to focus more on universal feelings that I believe everyone experiences, usually of existential angst! I deliberately avoid drawing myself in comics, which is why sometimes I resort to an amorphous blob-like person, as I see that as a sort of ‘anti-character.”

Let’s add some quirk to your tiny-miny problems, shall we?

1). Nothing Could Be More Relatable

2). Savage Spidey Out There!

3). Because Duck Need Options, You Faggot!

4). The Wrath Is Real

5). Dear Bladder, Can We Be On the Same Page, For Once?

You can follow this amazing artist on her Instagram page that goes by the name: natalyaobanova

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- Shivam
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