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From pen fights to stealing each other’s lunch box and eating before recess time school memories were definitely best memories of my life and I really wish to go back to that beautiful time when I had no worries, no stress except the one and yes of course that was about completing the homework and homework seemed like the toughest task anyone has to complete and just like every other child I also thought our life was the most difficult and my elders did not have any stress. Life is so easy for them.
So here is the list of misconceptions that every child has in his childhood. These sweet memories will make you remember how stupid you were when you were a kid.
1. Aap karke dekho homework, phir pta chalega
Remember, we always used to think our teachers’ parents exploits us by making us do so much work. I remember how I used to say to my parents that if they have to do my work then they would know what the work is without understanding the fact that they had lived that phase…
2.Pather Ki lakeer
It seems hilarious when I think of times when my teacher used to say anything, and I had to do that thing no matter it was possible or not. Why? Just because my teacher has said that and how could I not do something which my ma’am has asked me to do. How innocent we used to be na…
3.Horror Stories
Though I was not the kind of child whose parents would recite bed stories to me. May be it sounds strange but this is how it was but I have seen how parents recite those ghost stories and the little kids believed each and every word of their parents.
4.Santa clause and gifts
I don’t know if you believe it or not, but kids definitely do believe the dreamy world of gifts and santa clause.
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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