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Flying an airplane is my childhood fantasy; it’s a thrilling experience that I really want to experience once in life. And, I am not making this up, I once dared to think of buying an airplane; I googled my way out and found my aukat laughing hard at me because bro….this stuff demands a fuck load of money.

Here is a list of the most expensive airplanes in the god damn world:-

1). Boeing 747 - $150 million

One of the most happening airplane models in the world deserves your attention for all the right reasons. The private plane is etched with luxuries like private living room, a master suite with stunning views, a guest cabin and more; your personal space in the air, intriguing! And not just this, this mighty monster has the capacity to hit a speed of about 645 miles per hour – AMAZING!

2). Airbus A380 Superjumbo Jet – $500 million

This double deck plane is a dream everyone has but some can afford. The plane is registered for the prince of Saudi Arabia and it is equipped with a prayer room, stable for camels, garage for cars and other luxuries. It is so wide that it can accommodate around 500 people in a three-class configuration and 850 in a single-class configuration.

3). Airbus A340-300 – $600 million

Another version of the popular Airbus model has a lightning speed of 914 km/h and a capacity of accommodating 295 passengers. The plane is well equipped with all the necessities and décor is beautiful. This model is largely used by International airlines named Lufthansa.

4). Air Force One – $660 million

This high-end engineering marvel is a triple-decker beast that can hit a speed of up to 650 miles per hour. The plane is equipped with a mini hospital and has been built to cope with natural calamities like earthquake, tornado, storms etc. It also boasts of 85 phones, 238 miles of electronic wiring, 19 televisions and two attached kitchens. The plane is also capable of firing missiles in case of an attack.

5). B-2 Spirit – $737 million

This ferocious fighter plane was built in 1989 and since then, it has maintained its unmatched glory. It is made using a technology called “continuous curvature” and therefore it has the ability to deflect radar. The plane costs about $13500000 to fly for an hour and it needs a refueling every six hours, so, its maintenance is really tough. This giant has a quadruple fly-by-wire flight control system, split brake-rudders, and differential thrust to add charm to its beauty.

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- Shivam
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