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It is quite likely that after a breakup either one of the partners or sometimes both of them in a relationship are not able to move on. They come across a lot of dilemmas in life which makes this phase more difficult. Everyone has a different story and it needs to read differently, but we are here to show some guiding light in your path of darkness.
1.To be friends or not
A lot of times we are in this impasse if we should completely cut off from that person or be friends with them. This question disturbs us a lot because it is quite obvious that feelings for someone will not be wiped out in one go but if try to have some contact with the life of concerned person then surely things are not that easy.
In this situation what you need to do is give some time to yourself and your partner. Time is definitely the biggest healer and will put things on right track.
2. How to cope up with that space which was occupied by someone else
Whenever we are in a relationship our life usually gets fixed around that particular person and we tend to avoid other people in life and when that person moves out of our life then we go in some kind of vacuum unable to cope up with that. So if you have entered in that best way is to deal that with someone else rather than being alone and let that someone be your friends it will surely help you.
3. Balance between personal and professional space
When relationship and breakup begins to impact our professional space as well then it’s time to do something. However, it is very obvious that we get traumatized by the pain of the breakup, but never let any one person affecting your life. So if that happens, try diverting your mind to the professional arena of your life. It will help you to cope up with the breakup.
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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