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Denmark is arguably one of the most happening and happiest countries in the world. The Danes are probably the most humble people you will find on earth and therefore, Denmark is a place that has to be in your bucket list.

But, here are some ground rules that you need to know about before stepping in the Danish zone:-

1). Weed Is NOT Legal

Denmark is a country where weed production and usage is very high, secret of their happiness, I see *winks*. There is a misconception that Danish are very proactive about weed, well, they are but it’s not legalized there. Yes, if you want to smoke some good doobie, do it under the wraps; you do it openly and you will be busted in no time.

2). Credits Cards Are A Big NO!

Well, Danish people are not very fond of credits, hence the use of credit card is very limited in Denmark; so make sure you have got your debit card and some good cash to help you go through your trip in the enchanting land.

3). Pusher Street Rules Are ‘Patthar Ki Lakeer’

At the entrance of Freetown Christiania, you will come around some signs and rules and bro, you gotta follow them or you will be in trouble. The rules emphasize that doing photography and running on Pusher Street is strictly prohibited. So, you’ll need to calm down your inner ‘Daboo Ratnani’ once you are in the Pusher Street vicinity.

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- Shivam
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