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World is changing rapidly because of technology, innovations are building new heights everyday. Technology has become such a huge part of our lives that we cannot think of a world which exists apart of technology. Because of these rapid changes, it is sometimes impossible to keep our pace with the newer innovations. Today, we are here to share some extravagant buildings which are taking architecture in newer heights:
1. Marina Bay Sands – Singapore
When we talk of extravagant architecture, Marina Bay Sands sure stands high up in the city state of Singapore. The Marina Bay Sands’ is decked up with 57 floors overlooking the harbour. That is not all, it has an infinity pool which is 200m above ground. The cost for the two elaborate hotel towers approximately stands upto 6 Billion USD. This is the sixth largest tower in Asia.
2. One World Trade Center or Freedom Tower – New York City
After the tragedy of the World Trade Center in US, recently the building was rebuilt in New York. This is also referred to as the Freedom Tower which costs around USD 3.8 Billion. The tower stands in an astounding height of 546m with 104 floors and 71 elevators.
3. Bank of China Tower – Hong Kong
Hong Kong’s The Bank of China Tower is the 14th tallest building in Asia while 24th tallest building worldwide currently. The building costs at 2.09 Billion USD as the majestic skyscraper.
4. Wembley Stadium – London
Wembley Stadium in London is the second largest stadium in Europe with 90,000 seats approx. This was previously demolished in 2003, it has been reopened in 2007 after the previous stadium was demolished in 2003. The reconstruction of the architecture amounted to 1.84 Billion USD.
5. Cidade das Artes – Rio de Janeiro
Cidade das Artes is the most extravagant architecture of Latin America. Also known as the City of Arts, this building is the cultural center and music hall. The building costed 283.3 Million USD approx. to construct.
Which one did you like the most?
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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