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From nasty rumors to backstabbing to getting sucked up with the negative energies in the office one cannot really cannot escape the workplace politics, but one should have the art to deal with the things happening around with you. This will make your workplace experience more beautiful and worth working. Don’t worry, we are here to help you in dealing those not so habitual things for you.
1.Don’t react immediately
If you have just graduated from the college, it is very obvious that you are still not mature enough to deal with the situations and the young energies full of passion, fire makes you react to the situation impulsively. So don’t react immediately. Think before you speak and it will work out.
2.Don’t be pretentious
Just entered the office and you tend to focus on everything other than the work, this will make things more difficult for you. Don’t get influenced by the negative energy. Be who you are, no need to pretend yourself just to please someone. You may feel that things work out this way, but believe me it won’t help in the wrong run.
3.Communicate…. Communicate…. Communicate
People will misunderstand you, take advantage of you don’t ever remain silent. Things will never work out this way. Best and the only way is to communicate. Say whatever you feel…what you think…what you believe. But remember you are not very loud to express what you are saying it is not going to do any good for you.
4. Act accordingly
Everyone in the office is different, so you cannot deal with everyone in the same manner. You cannot laugh, cry, speak, talk with everyone in the same manner. You need to talk to everyone, but not with the same proximity.
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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