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As we all know that Earth is the most favorable planet of God. So he has embedded it with so many amazing creatures. Wildlife and the surrounding within is one of that beautiful creations.
Here we are to share some mind-blowing pictures with you to show you the magic of nature and the photographers who have clicked these pictures.

To capture the splendid moments a photographer needs to wait for that right time. In the right time and right position, these picture has been clicked. So get ready to see what we have got for you.

Earth meeting sky

Isn’t it the picture to see which we can say that earth and sky are meeting? It is the beauty of nature and the magic of a photographer who has taken it. Dark orange colored clouds with sky touching mountain surely giving you Goosebumps.

Cute moments

Cute moments like this can only be captured once in a while. The photographer has done such an amazing job, but we can’t imagine how much hard work he has done for achieving this moment to capture it.

River flowing from heaven

Have you seen a river flowing straightaway from heaven? If not then see this. You will be amazed after seeing the picture. A perfectly captured picture showing a huge river flowing between the mountains and hard rocks.

Amalgam of blue-red

Reflections on the river surface are such a beautiful scene. And if you got the chance to see a striking scene of reflection including the amalgam of red trees with blue sky. This scene will surely include your travel goals list. The picture not only showing the scene of beauty but also it is saying the tale of peace.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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