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Every place has a vibe from good to bad. When we are living life, many of the times we forget to take a pause and think about things because the world has become very fast. We are living in FOMO all the time. So, here is breaking down the honest description of these places and you will immediately say YASSSSS!
1. Room
This is the most comfortable place on Earth. If you have that super power to stay alone at your home, there is nothing better than that. Forget about travelling and exploring the world, you are going to sleep like a dead person.
2. Office
Well, which office is free of politics, right? People crib for power and money and when you are in office, every second person is trying to get an extra pie by doing all sorts of childish things to impress others.
3. Hometown
We love our hometowns, don’t we! Growing up we always thought that we are going to get out of that place and be free but what a fool were we. We definitely got freedom and money but our peace went on a toss instead!
I feel sad for the people who work at their hometown because they don’t have a stress-free zone!
4. Café
Indians are generally miser but there are people who have learnt the art of spending money wisely. When you have set your standards high and now you cannot take your date on a dhaba or street-side thela, you have to impress him/her as well.
5. Bar
Indians are extremely social and by social it doesn’t mean that they are friendly with people, they make extra effort to find people and make them friends. The simple reason for this phenomenon is to have fun with more than 100 people at the same time. Just general Indian things!
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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