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Are you someone who cannot communicate properly? Not able to do things in your way…. Feel terrified…stressed out? Happiness is a distant dream for you?
So you definitely need to read this…. You know, how can you be the happiest person on this planet. Feels we are exaggerating. No, not all.
No one can make you happy the way you can make yourself happy. So it’s important to love yourself.
But what exactly is self-love
1.Gut Feeling V/s Parents Advise
I am sure everyone of you have come across the situations where you have to choose between what you have to do and what your parents wants you to do. In this dilemma we usually are not able to take any decision. People say your parents are the best well- wishers for you. So it’s important to hear them out. But wait, what about our gut feelings… what to do with that. So I would suggest you to really think is your gut feeling really right? If the answer is Yes, then just go with the flow… This is the best decision for you. May be its possible you will not succeed, but, at least you did something you wanted.
So it’s important to be in love with your gut feeling….
2. Love the imperfect you
When you will start loving imperfect version of yourself you will understand what actually self-love is. No need to feel embarrassed about yourself just says, express, love the imperfections in you. When you will start believing that me it will do wonders for you. Nothing is more beautiful than you just believe that.
3. Right v/s Wrong
Nothing is right and nothing is wrong, it depends on you how you take the things. What you need to do is just understand what is wrong and what is right for you. If you understand that you definitely are in love with yourself.
Author-Neha wadhwa
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