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I don’t know if I should call it as concern, love, interest, care whatever it is but we Indians have this very amusing habit of knowing about what is happening in the personal spaces of everyone around us. We are so much interested in others life that literally I feel so much amused.
This is how people tries to peep into your life. Let’s have a look. You will definitely relate to it.
Office things
Although I am new to the work culture, but I have seen that people are far more interested in your life and connecting yourself with others.
‘Iska uske sath pkka kuch chal raha hai’ (There is something fishy going in between them)
It really seems hilarious to me when I see such connections made so instantly that sometimes it feels to me how much people are concerned about each other. But really?
The Society
Sometimes I feel that our society, my society is so concerned about me that they want to know everything about me. From my wedding to my career to my boyfriend to what I wear they are so much enthusiastic about my life I really think my private life is their personal life as well. But really, do they need to peep so much into my life.
College Life
So once I was attending my lecture in college and suddenly my phone rang and it was my phone call and to my utmost shock I received an instant reply from my teacher.
‘Bande ka call hai…important hoga pick kar lo’(There must be something important so pick the call from your partner)
So If I am receiving call in the college that must be from my boyfriend. Like really?
AUTHOR-Neha Wadhwa
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