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Aging is a normal phenomenon, it always felt nice to age more when I was a kid. With every birthday celebration, it felt great to surpass the previous number and jump into the latter. It was all like a dream to grow up, behave like adults and trying out the beautiful dresses and makeup that I’ve grown up seeing my mother do. As soon as I reached adulthood I realized it’s not at all the way I thought or fantasized it to be. Never really imagined that it would be woven with complications and lot of hurdles in the path but, only to deal with and overcome it is what adulthood is all about. As I reached 23, I have realized that few things would come in my way to pose trouble but you should prepare yourself and your thoughts accordingly to cope up with it:

1. You have to learn to keep calm when everything falls apart. You might not land up with a job of your choice, your job might also exploit you to the fullest and that’s the moment you would have to stand up for your own self; your happiness and satisfaction come first, no one has got the right to hamper your happiness. Learn to say no to things that don’t make you feel good.

2. Love would come to you, stop putting efforts for the one who has got no time for you. You are no pleaser, realize your own value. The love of your life is waiting somewhere out there for you to come so that he can impart you with the love that you deserve. You are not alone, it’s just taking a little bit of time. So, appreciate the wait!

3. If you are the elder one at home, you know a few responsibilities would be levied on you. Your parents might ask you to set a good example for your younger brother or sister and that’s okay because that’s where you get to know that you are a sensible person and that’s what being elder is all about.

4. This is an experimental phase of your life, you don’t have to rush for any firm decisions. If you’re unstable about something, it’s okay. Take all your time and decide what’s making you feel alright and happy. Just don’t forget to chase your dreams and don’t ever compromise your dreams and plans for anyone or anything that urges you to do so.

5. You have become quite a wise person now, you have a fair knowledge about the right and the wrong; and if not learn to ask. Asking questions is no crime and nothing to feel scared about. You have the right to know what’s going around in your life; and if you see anything go wrong, raise your voice against it. Fight for a good cause, this is the time all ears would be up for you, so do it. Be fearless!

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