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Amongst the riches, it has become a recurrent habit to spend their money in lavish Yachts. The simple reason behind that is, Yachts are gorgeous, peaceful and it takes you places too. Though Yachts are not known for their speed because well, world has many faster transportation modes but these are popular for pleasure and luxury to spend some lonely and fine time with your family and friends.
Owning a yacht can be quite expensive since they are uniquely built and to own one, you really need to be a very wealthy person. Though, if you want to experience travelling in one of those, you can rent them. So, here is the gorgeous and the most expensive Yacht of 2018 in the entire world:
History Supreme - $ 4.5 Billion
This is world’s most expensive and luxury heavy yacht. Designed by UK luxury designer Stuart Hughes, it has a 100-foot vessel which took over 3 years to complete making. This designer baby is no less than 100,000 kg made of precious metals like solid gold and platinum. No, Not kidding!
From the base to its dining area is adorned with gold and platinum, also the deck, staircase, rails, and anchor are plated in these precious metals.
Currently, the Yacht belongs to a Malaysian businessman, Robert Knok, who bought it for, yes, you guessed that right, $ 4.5 billion. He is Malaysia’s richest man, why am I not surprised?
If you still think that the yacht is not luxurious enough, one of the walls of the master bedroom is made using meteorite rock. The master bedroom also features a statue made of authentic Tyrannosaurus Rex bones. Beat that?
The master suite of this extravaganza has a 68 kg 24 carat gold Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium and a liquor bottle that features a rare 18.5 carat diamond.
Well, not that you have seen this, it might have boosted you to go work a little harder and smarter.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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