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Being healthy in the current life pace can be difficult. In current millennial, with all kinds of cuisines available, it does take a lot of sacrifice to stay healthy. At average, everything and anything that churns your stomach, comes along with a hefty amount of calories and carbs that you really can’t afford for a day-to-day healthy life!
However, if you think that healthy lifestyle is tough to maintain with so much effort that you have to make on a daily basis, we are here to change that perception. Neha Gandhi, Director of Stovekraft shares some tips to convert your busy life into a healthy working life:
1. Prepare Healthy Fried Stuffs
Fried stuffs are now increasingly being replaced by baked stuffs or simply by cooking appliance such as air fryers that would give you the same pleasure as a street food would. So go ahead and get yourself one of these appliances like an air fryer for your loved ones.
Be it kuttu aloo pakode or dahi-paneer kebabs, all these food items can now be enjoyed as low-calorie preparations. It is sure to bring a cheer to the faces of your family members.
2. Go Broiling
Who said broiled items are bland? A proper sense of healthy spices and even a broiled food could be finger licking! Appliance such as rice cooker are known for being multiple purpose appliance, starting from 2 minutes noodle, to full blown steam chicken curry, just name it and it can be prepared in a rice cooker.
So, instead of noodles, cook healthy grains such as quinoa, wild rice, polenta etc. which are much higher in fibre. Further, some rice cookers also have different mode to steam vegetables, fish etc. So, prepare your yummy food in cookers.
3. Slip Into Occasional Diet Liquid
Detox is the latest trend but its benefits is not a trend but a bonafide fix for your healthy body. It gets rid of toxins from the body.
A weekly consumption of juices of fruits like avocado and pomegranate not only helps in generating your blood cell counts, it even purifies your blood flow. Appliances like slow juicer ensures that maximum amount of vitamins, enzymes and minerals are retained in the juice.
4. Go Green
Tea and coffee are one of the biggest addiction that almost every one out of five people would have. If you need your beverage to stay awake or fighting your lazy mind, you should change your habit to Green tea.
Green Tea is widely known for its medicinal values, it can do wonders if taken as a daily ritual or you should go for a hot cup of black coffee which boosts metabolism. Also, simply heating up water would take up your five minutes and discourage you from having tea with lots of sugar and milk.
Well, it doesn’t take much to stay healthy if you follow these tips!
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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