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After being a developed country in every aspect, still, there are something items that Indians cannot buy online. They can only see foreigners using it and say “we don’t have this here”. After seeing certain things popped in movies and news, we just realize that “we don’t have this in India”.

While many brands made a lot of interesting stuff in India, but still there are some stuff that are left and have to wait for the next round to arrive in India.

So, let us take our track ahead and see what these things are

Walky Shocky

We all are tired from these dumb batteries. But out there people have a solution for this too. They simply walk and can talk or use their smartphones for many hours. And this is the idea behind Walky Shocky.

Flavoured Diet Coke

Behind which the whole world is mad is- diet coke. But we don’t even know that our favorite coke also comes in these such flavors.

Capsule hotels

In India, we do have those congested and tacky hotel rooms. They are purposed for the people who can’t afford to stay into an expensive one. But do you know in Japan they have clean and well-maintained capsule-like room? The hotels having rooms like these provide accommodation when you have a tight budget.

Ready-made food vending machines

In many foreign countries, you will find automatic food vending machines. Even they have these machines in their school canteens. But here in India, we still have to wait for it.

Automatic bike parking

Parking is just another problem in India. We have to face many problems while searching for the parking spot. But in Japan, they take such matters very seriously and they have automatic bike parking system. We still need to wait, we can only hope it will come soon in India too.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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