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Indian weddings are one of the most gorgeous and culture heavy event of our country but when it comes to following age-old traditions, a bit of rehashing would be a good idea in some cases. They are genuinely the most soulful yet tedious event which accentuates the meaning of bitter-sweet and the beginning of a different phase of life.
Some of the ancient traditions and rituals which are very much part of this long event that needs to be ditched because of deep-rooted sexism. Yet these rituals are celebrated with equal enthusiasm and giving encouragement to patriarchy even more.
Traditions are meant to be beautiful and meaningful, thus, ditching these sexist Indian marriage customs is necessary:
1. Kanyadaan
The name itself is very discriminating with two word ‘kanya’ and ‘daan’ which, as per Hindu tradition, literally means to "gift of virginity" or "gifting a maiden". Well, is this a positive note to begin a new phase of life?
The ritual seems to be a liability exchange where daughter liability is passed from her father to her husband.
2. Feet Washing
Another popular and common ritual is to was the groom’s feet. The worst part is that commonly in most of the communities, bride’s parents have to wash feet of the groom. In many of the communities, bride has to wash groom’s feet and in others, bride's sister also has to do it.
The tradition started because the groom used to walk barefoot to bride’s house to marry her but in our modern times, none of the groom is doing that, so why such ego-massaging?
3. Mangalsutra, Sindoor & Bangles
Peculiar to Indian tradition is the mangalsutra and bangles. Western countries also use materials like rings to signify the marital status of a couple but that is not restricted one gender, both man and woman have to do wear the ring.
In India, the bride is expected to wear a Mangalsutra, sindoor, bangles and rings but not the man. How is it OKAY that the women will show that they are taken and not the man?
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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