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When it’s already 4 on the clock and you have to wake early in the morning life is definitely not that easy and when it's winter morning these little struggles of life are at its peak. You have to deal with it no matter what.
These are some of the struggles that I am sure you also face in your everyday life.. Let’s have a look.
1.Getting out from the blanket
The cozy blankets in the winter mornings with the beautiful sunshine of dreams are the biggest obstacles that one has to face with the utmost heavy heart. Because one doesn’t want to wake up in this beautiful morning. Do you want to?
2.Taking a shower
The next biggest hardship in the life is to take a shower and that too every day. It’s definitely a very big task to do and when it’s morning this big task seems like a huge mission, a mission of which we don’t want to part of.
3.Perfect look
If you are a girl, then the next big mission is to get ready. No, it is not that easy as you are thinking because the biggest challenge is we have the limited time in which we have to do this. Perfect look definitely demands time, but we girls have this talent to get this perfect look in limited time.
4. Working in the sleep mode
We youngsters have this talent of sleeping at 4 in the morning and then waking up at 8 in the morning. But when we have to work whole day to sleep in whole body, it is really a big struggle that we have to go through.
5. Yummy Food
One of the biggest struggle is satisfying the taste of your tongue, but wait here also there is a twist it has to be done keeping in mind our pockets and who can forget the increasing weight. Creating balance between these is so difficult that we have to deal with every day. And one more big dilemma that I face is choosing what to eat… I don’t know why it is so difficult for me.
What are your struggles of life….??
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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