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In spite of all the discussions and arguments put forward, we know that patriarchy is still dominant and somewhere, in some corners of the world, women still strive to come forth and prove their existence. Thousands of women around the globe have struggled to make their way through the hustle-bustle of the male-dominated world and achieved their recognition.
There might come troubles time and again to make you stop from having what you want to have but to fight back like a warrior is all the spirit a women needs and boom! She is the undefeatable! Here are few quotes by the famous women who have strived for their being and rose above all :
1. Lady Gaga on what made him choose her career first!

2. Oprah Winfrey on proving her worth!

3. When Beyonce transformed her negativity constructive!

4. Beauty is not about your looks.

5. As dreams are all about achieving it!

6. Regrets? Nothing as such!

7. The beauty of a dominant woman!

8. How PC taught herself confidence!

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