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Bags play a very crucial role in every girls life. If you are having the impression that bags ae extremely useful and thus, every girl carries a bag always, we carry bags even when we don’t particularly need it. Bag sure helps us to carry stuff that we need to keep with us all the time but we girls are very particular about our aesthetic sense. If and when we have to carry a bag, we will make sure it is synchronised with our dress, make-up mood and our complete look.
So, here are some bag types which every girl must have:
1. Neutral Tote
Totes are the most common types of bags because a right type of tote can keep you sorted for your multiple events and looks. A smart neutral tote can, very well, be a girl's best friend.
2. Formal-Cum-Casual Bag
You must have a bag which can be carried with your formal as well as casual days. We girls are known for our multi-tasking skills, so if you plan to hangout with your friends after your office hours, this bag will be the choice of the day.
3. Mini Bag
Be it metallic or leather, you need to have a mini bag. These are the short yet catchy bags which you can carry during wedding ceremonies or other events where you need the bag only for cards, cash and some fashion.
4. Classy Black Bag
This is an absolute necessity we are talking about. A black bag is just a savior for anything and everything. When in doubt or hurry, you can pick up your classy bag and leave your house looking completely in sync.
5. Pop or Bright Coloured Bag
Well, you don’t always want to play safe and there are days when you are feeling quite cheerful, for those days, the bright coloured or pop coloured bags will uplift your fashion game.
Be in style always and stay hippie!
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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