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Ranbir Kapoor might be quite notorious when it comes to his courtship period because of him dating a lot of women in Bollywood. But, that’s actually none of our business! He is living his life like no other and no matter what so ever scandals may surround him he still manages to be the favorite boy of Bollywood. Right from his captivating looks to his irresistible charm he has taken away the hearts of many.
And, when it comes to his acting skills he stands unparalleled. He has set himself as the greatest example when it comes to the ‘chiraag’ of Kapoor khandaan keeping alive the legendary deeds of his family. Here come the following beautiful works of Ranbir Kapoor where he projected us a life which basically explains us all:
This 2011 masterpiece musical romantic drama has made us witness a terrific emotional rollercoaster. Jordan, a boy with dreams beaming in his eyes wanted to become a musician like any other aspiring musician of our age. The emotional turbulence that made him the ‘Rockstar’ Jordan is unbelievably realistic. Love and heartbreak resulting in arrogance and ruthlessness cannot be explained better than this film.

2. Barfi
‘Murphy’ or as he calls himself as ‘Barfi’ is an innocent troublemaker who falls in love with a girl named Shruti who eventually had to get married to someone else. This did not break Murphy’s heart as he comes across Jhilmil, his autistic child friend and the lovely tale which they share is worth falling for. Ranbir’s outstanding acting as a deaf and his gestures earned him critical acclamation from all across the industry.

3. Yeh jawaani hai Deewani
The impeccable acting of Ranbir as 'Bunny' and the so-realistic story of the movie had left everyone awe-struck especially the dreamers. The movie has set goals for all the fellows who have this zest for life and travel. Thanks to Ayan Mukherji for opting Ranbir, as no other actor could have really justified the role so flawlessly.

Ved is a character straight out of our life. It’s us! Personally, my favorite! and the reason is quite evident. A boy who comes to his own raw self in Corsica becomes the one completely opposite when he lands at his workplace. The shrewd corporate world doesn’t allow him to be himself until he meets the love of his life Tara who urges him to be his own self. We are all seeking for such a love. Aren’t we? This beautiful story has taken a place in our heart with its honest projection of life.

5.Ae Dil Hai Mushkil
The tale of a one-sided lover who doesn’t give up on his hopes of getting loved back someday. A story, which almost each and every one-sided lover would relate to. We fall in love only to be left heartbroken by not being loved back. We look for certain alternatives to divert our mind from the love that is never coming back but eventually, nothing helps. In spite of the unreciprocation, we tend to love the same person and nothing seems to take that feeling away from us.

Ranbir has undoubtedly proven his worth in the industry with his unbelievable acting skills and an appealing personality. Every time he comes up with something, he makes us ask for more. We can assume that this man has still got a long way to go with such a diverse talent of acting and of course that alluring charm. None can actually take his place. You go, boy!
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