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From listening phrase like ‘Bachapan as high as ho’(Are you like this from the childhood) ‘ya yaha aa car as hue ho’ to ‘Bahut ego ha ism’(This person has some ego problem) the struggle that an introvert goes through is really very big.
Here is what an introvert faces in his everyday life.
1. People Misunderstands Them
Whether it’ school, college, office or party introverts finds it difficult to speak and that communication becomes more problematic when they need to talk to new people and often they are misunderstood by people, and they hear things like ‘PTA Ni Kitna hi attitude he’(This person has attitude problem).
However only introverts can understand the real struggle they have to go through when they talk.
2. People Humiliates Them
From making their space to making everyone believe that they are just like everyone an introvert has to go through a lot in whatever they do. If an extrovert has to put 100%, then an introvert has to go an extra mile to do that same thing but still people will not recognize your work. Reason behind? Just because you cannot express that well.
How Introverts Feel In the Following Situations
Enters a PG/Hostel
If an introvert enters a new place he feels like some alien lost in some other planet not really able to say what he wants to. From asking about basic things like Wifi password to food to talking introverts find problem in little things.
Joins New office/ job
When an introvert does not talk much people usually think that the person is arrogant but it takes a lot of efforts and guts to ask even a single thing.
Goes to Party
If you will ask an introvert for a party, then he will never accept the invitation in spite the fact that he want to be part of it. Reason is pretty obvious. Isn’t?
Author-Neha Wadhwa
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