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Ostriches are definitely one of the most captivating creatures present on the earth. Yes, they make jaws drop with their sheer size and shape but the thing that makes them distinct is their ability to run so fast that’ll give Usain Bolt a tough competition.

So, today we are gonna learn about some intriguing facts about this beguiling creature: -

1). Ostriches can weigh as much as 320 pounds and grow up to 9 feet tall, *GIANT ALERT*. They are so huge that they easily outweigh the second biggest bird, the cassowary, by around 200 pounds; Now keep doing the maths.

2). Ostriches have two toes per foot and that surely differentiate them from other bird species as others have at least three or four toes per foot. And, this is the reason that ostriches are so unbelievably fast. The presence of fewer toes reduces mass and hence results in increased speed and stamina of an Ostrich.

3). Ostriches use sand and pebbles to support their digestion process. The massive bird eats up everything from plants and leaves to snakes and reptiles; thus it uses pebbles for better grinding of food.

4). Ostrich feathers were once a prized possession. In the 19th century, feathers of an ostrich were awarded to worthy people. Clothes, hats, mufflers made from ostrich feathers were sold at a price as high as a diamond.

5). Ostriches can live up to 50 years (an average) in extreme conditions. If the conditions are favorable enough, the life expectancy can stretch up to 80 years as well.

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- Shivam
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